Ways to Reduce Atmospheric Noise

Hi Folks,
My tinnitus is coming back as a result of a cold and I believe also, due to a hyper-sensitivity towards atmospheric noise. The primary culprit is my annoying refrigerator which is up against a corner. I live in an apartment and I have my audio components in the best possible location but its relatively close to the kitchen. I also have neighbors above me who make a good deal of noise, primarily floor squeaking. Should I try placing noise proof styrofoam along walls and ceilings with velcro? Advice sincerely welcome!
At first glance I thought this post was about cosmic rays and shielding with foil hats, but to my surprise and immediate realization, I have a noisey frige too! So thank you, and I am gonna get some material as well to isolate the darn thing.
changing the power cord on the fridge to more warmer one....
buy a new fridge , new ones on the market are almost silent (probably cost less than cable upgrade)...
I bought a new fridge last year to replace a 20 year old GE.

New fridge is enough quieter to make a difference and runs FAR LESS which is worth about 50 KwH per month reduction vs the old electric bill. The reduction works out to missing about 6 weeks worth of bill per year. A win-win

The fridge with the IEC cord was about 200$ more, and was a no-go.
Yes, I would buy a new refrigerator if I could afford to do so but I am saving for a good mono cartridge and the refrigerator came with the apartment. Fortunately I don't own a dishwasher or the noise levels would be twice as frustrating. I'm planning to visit ACE Hardware for a mat to fit under the refrigerator. Lastly, I'm wondering if velcro fastening styrofoam or something else along the ceiling wouldn't dampen the squeaky floor above me? Pleading for the landlord to hammer finishing nails along the noisy floor boards would just be futile.