From your link I have to say I like the look of Billy. Great idea of being able to flip through albums quickly at a glance a la record store.
Who did you get to make them?

Simple, for the manufacturing I turned to my trusted carpenter, for the lacquering I have relatives who have an industrial lacquering laboratory, instead the project is mine.

There is only one way to store records, upright on shelves with solid sides. You should always fill up the compartment so that the records are always under slight pressure. The compartment that is not totally filled should have a movable side wall the side of a record cover and you put books or something behind it to supply the necessary pressure. The environment should ideally be humidity controlled not higher than 60 % and temp between 66 and 70 degrees. Records will grow fungus in warm humid environments. The covers also fall apart more rapidly. Records should be kept in rice paper sleeves which will not scratch them or donate electrons causing a static problem.