There is only one way to store records, upright on shelves with solid sides. You should always fill up the compartment so that the records are always under slight pressure. The compartment that is not totally filled should have a movable side wall the side of a record cover and you put books or something behind it to supply the necessary pressure. The environment should ideally be humidity controlled not higher than 60 % and temp between 66 and 70 degrees. Records will grow fungus in warm humid environments. The covers also fall apart more rapidly. Records should be kept in rice paper sleeves which will not scratch them or donate electrons causing a static problem.   
Hello. I am looking for holder options for storing my vinyl records. I want to buy something modern and reliable for my collection to keep at home. I have less than a hundred records. I would be grateful for your advice.
Boltz furniture  has good selection 
I have three shelf unit very well made and they make them for 50 to 100s of Lps post if you get one
More than a year gone by, and noromance still has the best. Everyone else has you looking at spines, and the drawers that pull out are dumber than dumb. Obviously the record store format rules, you can thumb through and actually see what you're looking at. Well done!