Weakest Link + hardwired = ??

A search of "weakest link" here yielded less than awesome results, so here goes..

Q: My Pro-ject TT has RCA output cables that are hard wired inside the table. I just a bought a Phonomena pre (en route)... Will some half decent IC's make a difference going from Phonomena to my Amp considering the basic nature of the stock RCA's from the Pro-ject?

Logic would tell me I am only as good as my source cabling.
Your post suggests that Pro-ject don't use "half decent" cables to begin with. The cables hard wired in are quite probably very good if Pro-ject has used them, and done their testing and tuning with them.
It's true that the cables from a turntable carry a fairly low level 'fragile' signal, and good IC's will certainly help, but don't automatically reject the cables that came fitted to the TT.
I changed out the really cheap stock RCA connectors on my entry level Project TT (Model 1.2 I believe) w/ some Neutrik NYS373's. ($1.89 from PartsExpress.) What a difference! Good advice from Carl. I don't what model you own, but if it has those inexpensive 35-cent RCA connectors on your cable, consider changing them out. In regards to your second question, yes it will make a difference but I personally won't go overboard on the IC. Bill.
It is actually the 1.2 I am referring to. I probably paid way too much for it back in '02 ($600) when it first came out, hence I will be keeping it for life now.

I have outfitted it with an Ortofon 2M Red with some great results. Tested through an old Spectral Pre, and the results were spooky good.

My RCA's are gold coming from the unit, but the cable itself, I assumed was not that great as it so flimsy and resembles a dollar store RCA cable in regards to size and feel.

Kotta: Did your Pro-ject have the gold RCA's as well? A good suggestion, I will certainly attempt that mod.
Yes, I believe they were gold in color. I remember them as being very tight fitting on my Int. amp's rca jacks. The Neutrik's are very, very good. If you decide to order them you'll be impressed w/them, especially considering how little they cost. I did this same mod on my other TT, a vintage Pioneer, which had some really cheap RCA connectors. Same sonic upgrade. Very much worth the effort and expense. Be sure to have a very good wire stripper ( I own a Klein made for solid wire) and use silver-bearing solder. BTW, the Project is a very nice sounding TT. Let us know how things work out. Bill
You can also just try just cleaning the existing connectors on the TT as well as the interconnects. Deoxit does wonders and is available on-line or at a RadioShack store. Use the cleaner first, then the Deoxit Gold.
Good Luck!