Weird duet, but it works...well

I have just listened three times through to the new Steve Martin & Edie Brickell album "Love Has Come For You".

It's EXCELLENT! I was really surprised. Don't really know why because Steve Martin is a very accomplished banjo player and I LOVE Edie Brickell. The combo just didn't quite seem right to me. Boy am I glad I gave it a try.

It's in the folk/bluegrass realm with fantastic songs and playing and singing. The recording is crystal clear with excellent sonics. Highly recommended!!!

One of my new favorites.
They were on Letterman the other night and did one of their songs together and it was great. They said Steve had written a bunch of songs that needed lyrics and Edie wrote them and then they recorded the album. Now they're touring together. I love it when seasoned pros are as creative and fresh as budding new artists.
Thanks Mofi...I almost bought it but like you just could not get my head around the duo!