Weird Polk Audio Society

So, I thought I might share my weird experience with the Polk Audio forum.
I go on the site to look into purchasing some cables and proceed to contact the seller and then I’m told I’m not family and I shouldn’t be asking..blah blah, then the seller proceeds to tell me to call him like I am family and tells me still no go on selling cables to me. Best part is he then goes on his for sale ad and wants to make a mack of me and call me a newb and treat me like I just walked into this hobby from a foreign country.
Now, I don’t complain much but for god sake can someone explain to me what the hell is going on over in that forum of cult members. I just wanted to reach out as a fellow audio hobbyist and make a clean buy with no added antics.
Any thoughts?
And now they are telling me that they didn't want my business and that's it's basically an invite only.....That's just too weird for being 2019 I thought people were more mature than that.  But oh well, there's always Agon and USAudiomart I guess......LOL
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Make him a huge offer then tell him to call you. Sorry I already bought them on agon.