Weiss 501 DAC

With great caution, just set up my new Weiss 501 DAC.  Why pray tell with great caution? Because I'm running ATC 40 actives and did not wish to mistakenly cook them by incorrect hookup while using the unit as a DAC and single source preamp/volume control.

Far too soon for evaluation, but not too soon to observe and appreciate the incredibly small footprint of it all.  Naim Core server, Weiss 501, Decware power conditioner all sitting on Quadraspire Reference X stand, appropriate cabling, PCs and done.  Compact civilized aural pandemonium! 



@adriaan I only tried Shunyata Delta and Alpha NR 2 PC. Both significantly opened up the sound stage and increased separation. I ended up choosing the Delta because it left a bit more meat on the bones and is what I’ve been running for a year or so. I sure am keen to know how the MK II compares to the MK I—I’ve been considering an upgrade.


The Music Room is a Weiss dealer.

They have a return policy. You would have to pay shipping and restock fee but if you are seriously interested, it might be a good way to confirm or deny whether it's the right DAC for your system.

@adriaan ​​​​@celtic66 and anyone else, thoughts on whether the 50 NCF connectors  are essential with DPS-4.1 or if the regular 50 would do?


Well, nobody will build a set DPS-4.1 with NFC, listen to them, tear them off and build with regular 50 to prove that point.  They both are excellent, just a matter of your dollars and your choice.

Called into question is how good the IEC connector on a receiving piece of electronics is.  Steve Deckert of Deware makes that point by using only the best on his equipment builds.  Quality of solder used is called into question.  It is quite endless...and expensive.....and frustrating to chase every detail.

My Furutech DSP-4.1 power cables were built with NFC 50 connectors on the recommendation of Chris Romeo the builder after requesting from him a no-holds-barred power cable.  They work exceptionally well and I'm done.  End of story.

I hope that is positive and contributory to your quest.  Cheers


@celtic66 thanks for your reply. I wouldn’t expect anyone would do what you describe. But I can think of a few reasonable scenarios that could shed light on my question. I suppose another angle on this is to wonder about the relative contribution of the cable vs. the connectors. But if I move forward on this, I’ll probably go all in anyway.