Well I joined the Silversmith FIDELIUM Speaker cable club today

The story behind this goes like this. I bought new speakers in December and their placement forced me to stop using my Wireworld Gold Eclipse III bi wire cables because they were too short. So for an interim cable I found a 2 meter pair of the "Regular" Eclipse III wires used being that I wanted to keep it in the "Family." My  entire loom for the most part is Wireworld Gold Eclipse III interconnects.  The Reg Eclipse III seemed fine but I alway felt I was missing something I was used to before, like it was just a little veiled comparatively. I've researched the hell out of cables and was just going to get a set of the New Eclipse 8's but when they raised the price for a 2M pair another $500 to $2000 I decided to look elsewhere, scouring used cables for months.  Well through that process I discovered the many threads and positive reviews on the Silversmiths, so since they were more like what  I was hopefully  willing to spend I ordered a 6 foot set. Today I placed them into my system and after about one minute into the track I was astonished! I couldn't move from my chair, I listened to the entire album in astonishment. They literally "fixed" my system, it's never ever sounded this good. It's only been a few hours so i won't go into everything that happened right now but new cables are not  supposed to sound this good straight out of the box. I am lucky. they blend with my system right away. The Bass was so immediately impactful I just cannot believe a cable can make this much change, the inner detail and transparency, wow! I know these things have been raked over the coals in these forums and their are some that are naysayers, but in my case I was one of the lucky ones because these babies are not going back to Chris!  I cannot stop listening, it's amazing.


All I am asking is you list your current audio chain. No pictures, no description under Audiogon System page, just list of your audio chain. Typed in. It’s that simple. Too much to ask? Just a list. I will take your word for it, and never question you again. Promise.

I asked you the same under at least four of your previous 12 usernames. You never did. Is this too much to ask?

Your obsession is really bizarre.

1+1 = 2, whether I went to Harvard or a 3rd rate college, or whether I use a calculator or piece of paper.

I work with academics. They try to do this when they are losing an argument. They try to find out your academic pedigree in hopes you came from a 2nd rate or even better 3rd rate university so they can attack your background. Academics can be as immature as audiophiles or vice versa.

Again, if you have never tried the cable, you're farting in a windstorm.....

Put up or shut up...

“ Oh great, the strange obsessed conspiracy theory guy is back. Happy Friday everyone. “

And just when you thought that the Dr Butlers cream had worked out for you 😊

Sounds like a good cable to try on a SIT-3/Cornwall lV combination. Nelson claims the amp performs best at closer to a 4ohm load. This speaker cable helps nudge in that direction.

thyname- Always wondered what everyone has to hide.... not disclosing their gear?🤔