Well maybe it IS my hearing

Hi everyone,
Lately I've gotten into some lively debates. One thing which I'm afraid we don't take into account enough is our own personal hearing. Truth is there's now way I can hear like I did when I was 20 something. So, quite likely I hear very differently than other A'goners. Just because I personally can't hear a difference in a power cable / tweak doesn't mean you don't. I don't make that claim. 

However I think it is also unfair to accuse me of having an agenda if I can't.

Lastly, if I can't hear a difference, the financial value I place on a more expensive tweak = zero. That's just the way my wallet operates. I'm not buying to impress others. My stereo is not my Mistress whom I must serve with more and more expensive shoes.  I just made her a very pretty red and carbon fiber and aluminum power and she's going to have to be happy with that.

I do take exception to over broad, fact less claims of performance however, or people working very hard to explain to me how wrong a person I must be if I can't hear a difference.

I think this is good for you as well. Buy what your ears tell you have value, and don't be swayed by crowds.

What does not go away and allows 70 year olds to evaluate tweeters..is... temporal acuity.

Our hearing is based not on frequency range but on complex temporal harmonic transient (macro and micro) timing position, level, and interleaving. Frequency extension is only part of the story………..

One can measure but one has to measure and compare what is important. So far, electronic measurement and human hearing as a coupled system of relation (to attempt scientific discernment for the purpose of application of engineering), is almost missing the whole boat.

Teo_Audio:  Your post re "temporal acuity" is quite interesting and telling.

Because of my lack of knowledge in this area, I'm unable to add to or counter your discussion. 

However, it does speak to my personal experience and conclusion that measurements have little, if any correlation to the end result of equipment selection and listening enjoyment; whose underpinnings I've found to be less frequency response related and more related to the you-are-there (holodeck) experience. 

I enjoy music reproduction in any and all of its forms.  But the illusion of  being in or at the performance is what the equipment in my audio room provides.  It is so much more than just an accurate frequency response.  

Over the decades, I've wanted and wished for an objective (read measurable), easy and perhaps less expensive method of equipment selection; but my listening experiences have resulted in my concluding otherwise.    

I am going to call a little bs her on older audiophiles hearing "better" especially when it comes to tweets. Stereophile has pushed notoriously bright and ragged sounding speakers as "better" and more revealing. Of course they make you feel like your ears are 20 years younger! 😆

There is nothing wrong with music lovers getting a speaker suited to their ears though. 
I believe it is all about our individual Ears and how much our ears Know.
Musicians, recording engineers  and Audiophiles  have trained ears.
All our ears are different.

I am extremely happy with the performance of my system.  All interconnects are transparent,  not very expensive.  All PC are factory and I like them. The one time I introduced a 700 power cord,  it sounded bad. To bright. So I will stay with factory.  Nice thing is I dont suffer from OCD.  So no need to swap out equipment,  just build on what I have. When I am finished I might build some PCs just for fun and because u can make them look nice. I guess my hearing is still good,  because high frequencies hurt my ears.
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