Well maybe it IS my hearing

Hi everyone,
Lately I've gotten into some lively debates. One thing which I'm afraid we don't take into account enough is our own personal hearing. Truth is there's now way I can hear like I did when I was 20 something. So, quite likely I hear very differently than other A'goners. Just because I personally can't hear a difference in a power cable / tweak doesn't mean you don't. I don't make that claim. 

However I think it is also unfair to accuse me of having an agenda if I can't.

Lastly, if I can't hear a difference, the financial value I place on a more expensive tweak = zero. That's just the way my wallet operates. I'm not buying to impress others. My stereo is not my Mistress whom I must serve with more and more expensive shoes.  I just made her a very pretty red and carbon fiber and aluminum power and she's going to have to be happy with that.

I do take exception to over broad, fact less claims of performance however, or people working very hard to explain to me how wrong a person I must be if I can't hear a difference.

I think this is good for you as well. Buy what your ears tell you have value, and don't be swayed by crowds.

I'm not sure. I mean, that's the point, to enhance the upper treble. A lot of people with hearing loss can absolutely benefit from additional output there.
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"it was reported in the New York Times"

And you can trust the Times with your life.
Agree with eisen0169 -

I get my ears professionally cleaned regularly.

In fact, I think one should get all one's senses cleaned or exercised regularly.