Well Recorded Best of Opera Hits

Not being an expert in opera, I do on occasion enjoy it. (My first opera I attended was Verdi's Il Trovatore in Vienna (1987) and I did enjoy it, but have not been to many since.) So I am looking for a well recorded "best of" opera CD that I can enjoy. There are so many recordings going back decades and of likely great operatic performances, but I am asking for great opera and great recording of it. If my request is not too lofty, I would enjoy your recommendations. Thanks.
I can't guarantee it will be up to your sound quality standards, but one 'oldie but goodie' -- at least from the standpoint of performance -- is Leontyne Price & Marilyn Horne In Concert at the Met recorded live March 28, 1982. This is a 2 CD box set on RCA Red Seal available in the used market at Amazon.
There are a number of Pavarotti "greatest hits" opera records in vinyl, mostly on the London label. Try "Primo Tenore" from 1971 or "The World's Favorite Tenor Arias" from 1973, for example. You can also find 'best of' duets, etc. If not on AG, try ebay. Good luck.