Well Tempered V's VPI Super Scout Master Sign

Hello all
I have a Well Tempered reference, from the 90's, "never used", what are your thoughts, on the VPI Super Scoutmaster Signature V's the above as I have a offer to swap? the reason is I'm getting sick of mucking around with the well Tempered, to get to sound right, breaking fishing line etc, I just want to set up and leave, and sit back and listen!!
Pix4work ...

I've searched the web over and over and can't find it. I used to subscribe to Moncrieff's excellent publication, but somehow over the years I misplace the multi-page review. One hint that I learned from him was to put one twist in the belt. It really does sound better that way.
Don't bother. Moncrieff is an idiot, a leech and a vandal. When a company insisted that he return their component that he had kept for at least two years, he got all hissy and vandalized it before sending it back.  If he had been in the same country as the manufacturer he could have been arrested.
zombie thread revival.

i was also an original well tempered owner and found it was pretty much set and forget.

in terms of build quality the old tables beat the new chinese made ones hands down.