Were My Speakers Damaged ?

My "friend" was kind enough to start my system with the volume way up. At least 20 db too much. I don't see any physical damage to my AR2ax's, but they seem to sound a bit thin. Lacking in the midrange. The pots work fine. Am I just imagining a problem? Other than looking at the speaker capacitors for leakage, etc., what else can I check? TIA
AR speakers are very robust, however, while they are playing very softly put your ear up against the grill cloth next to each driver and listen for anything untoward....no sound coming from them, or garbled sound coming from them
An overheated voice coil can cause the thin varnish on the wire coil to bubble and fill the gap between the coil and the magnet and bind. Woofers can be checked by carefully pushing the cone in and out, taking care to push evenly on both sides of the dust cap while feeling/listening for a scraping sound or a rough place in the cone movement. A woofer with restricted movement can sound thin.

Unfortunately I have experienced the same event. I keep my source equipment and preamp in a closet out of view. I like to do my listening in very dark conditions and I inadvertently turned up the volume when I thought I was turning it down. I often turn the volume down before I start playing a disc. The music came on extremely loud and I quickly turned down. The sound since this occurred has been whispy or zingy. My dealer changed tweeter but that did not fix the problem. We suspect that I have damaged some transistors in the crossover and they need to be replaced. This has not happened yet.

I too thought that the difference in sound was in my head but it has been confirmed by others. There was no sign of physical damage. You need to contact your dealer
Friends do not treat friend's equipment like this... time to find a new friend!

Also,a lot of drivers that get a damaged midrange or woofer but still put out sound will have a megaphone type of sound from that driver. Compare the sound from your midrange to another similar speaker(if possible) to get somewhat of an idea.I'm guessing they are working since you say the pots are okay.Link>>[http://www.aphenos.net/misc/electronics/speakers/ar2ax/ar2ax.htm]