Were to go after a Rega Planet 2000?


I have a planet 2000 and enjoy its sound. I like its tone, PRAT, timber etc... but I want more of it. I find that the Rega lacks authority when playing. It still sounds like a CD player (and a CD player at that) but not live music. I want something that has the good qualities of the Rega, but just expands on them. I want a player to take control and give me music which leaves little to none to complain about.

I really like my friends Wadia, but I simply can't afford one.
I love the way it portrays the music.

My budget is $750-$1000 plus what ever I can sell me Rega for.

I have been suggested the Sony DVP-9000es. From what I have read it is reasonably priced and sounds good. But it's a Sony, and I am unsure about it.

I will consider everything, my only request is no tubes. I think they are better served in the preamp. Thoughts and opinions welcome.

Audio Note: Perfect instrument timbre, yet a collapsed soundstage. Great for background music, but pretty unexciting sound to my ear.

Opus 21: Perfectly balanced, has every aspect nailed down in spades, except the most significant one...emotional involvement. Our AA Prima is not as detailed or dynamic as the Opus 21, but I find it to be considerably more engaging. If you really like the sound of the Planet, you will probably find that the Opus 21 is wonderful, even perhaps at the peak of that type of sound. Personally, however, I've decided that I could not again own a non-tubed player. Perhaps I'll be surprised one day, but I've yet to hear one that plays with the fleshy, palpable body that the tubed players do. Without that, I have only a cerebral connection with the music, and that's just not enough for me to take the player home...into my bedroom...under the covers...with the lights down low...the candles burning...and...oh forget it!

Nick...check out the Denon 1650...used to own the original REGA...and this was a major upgrade in terms of soundstaging,detail, and lack of grain...great player...and I didnt think cdps differed much!....ooops...
Hi Nick, I have a Planet 2000, and also thought it was a little bit lacking. After reading the planet2k review on ETM, where the reviewer raved over the Nirvana SL ics with the Rega, i tried them and Wadia know, he was right. An $800. cable on a $900. CD player seems kinda silly, but my Rega sounds much more natural and undigital like and i'm very happy with the sound. I picked up a slightly used Nirvana SL for $400., money well spent. Borrow a few cables to try from The Cable Companys library(what a great idea and great deal) and maybe you won't need to upgrade your player. Good luck and have fun, Alan
Nick, here's another thought, in my earlier post i praised the Planet2000/Nirvana SL ics combo, i love mine, but i'm considering trying the Audio Mirror NOS dac. I'm a fan of the Audio Note dacs( i'd consider the Audio Note kit dac modded for less $$ than the 1.1X) and you mentioned the Ack 2.0. I was considering the Ack until i read the forums on the Audio Mirror, and the consenses seems to be that the Ack is close, but the Audio Mirror is better and it sells for $500. I'm going to try one, nothing but praise on the forums, check it out. Also, what's wrong with the planet as a transport, i'd try it first before i sprung for a different transport. The Audio mirror dac and top cables would be under your budget.

I was supprised to see my old thread come up again. Thanks for the info, but I bought a new player about 5 months ago. I know have a Parasound (CEC) belt drive transport and a Wadia DAC. I am happy with both units.