Were you naughty or nice? What did Santa bring you! Audio related only please!

I guess my wife and daughter paid more attention than I thought to the many emails I sent them saying " this would be cool" etc.

Full Ultrasonic cleaning system cw rotisserie style record rack holding 5 albums at a time to clean. Looks to be well built and already cleaned 20 so time to play them and see what changes.

Hifiman HE-4XX headphones from Drop ( one of their Drop only specials). Sounds way better than my old Meze Audio cans from a quick listen this morning.

What did YOU get?
$35 for an ice cream scoop?

I can buy a lot of ice cream for that and just use my old spoons!
Santa brought me a lot of work in the woodshop. Making a set of folded horn speakers. Will try out about 3 different drivers from Mark Audio, Audio Nirvana, Silver Flute, and maybe even a driver from Decware. Lots of angles, dust, glue, clamps and time. Always a blast to hear the outcome.
Oh sure, you laugh now. Real easy to do. Until you open the box, see its satin gleam. Lift it out, feel its silky smoothness. Hold it and appreciate its heft and balance. Finally out comes the ice cream and only now the elegance and ingenious engineering sinks in, just as the scoop itself sinks in, as you push instead of scoop getting more ice cream more easily and with greater satisfaction and pleasure than you ever thought possible. Yes people, an ice cream scoop review! No fuse, power cord, or even heater required! Ice cream from other scoops comes out flat and grainy. Ice cream with the Midnight Scoop is rich and creamy with a fully developed harmonic, er I mean gastronomic, oh never mind just get one!
A Primephonic subscription.  Fidelity ain't quite as fine as from Qobuz but via my Microsoft Edge it's still excellent.  If you like classical the site is a trip to the candy store.
Audio related? Why didn't you say so?!

White Hot Stamper: Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
Super Hot Stamper: Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy
Super Hot Stamper: Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt, Emmylou Harris: Trio

Oh and one stocking-stuffer:
Synergistic Research Orange Fuse
Now we are same wavelength.
My daughter bought me both Yellow brick Rd and brown dirt cowboy too.
Just 180g remasters.
Just to add to the huge pile of albums I need find time to listen too.

Oh and two near front row tickets to Elton John final tour here in Jacksonville in June 2020.
Do not ask the price......

Now you just need a cool car to go with the shift knob......
:-) I get so much sh*t for owning this car. Thing is, it's a blast to drive
I got a brand new cartridge for my turntable. Funny. Santa looked a lot like me...Yeah. I know. That must have been pretty SCARY!!!!
You know I’m only messing with you Boxer. Back in blighty I had one of the little x19. It was a riot to drive until it rotted away.☹️☹️.

Noromance, great gifts there, can not go wrong with record store gift cards.

I did get $100 eBay gift card too, they know me too well, already spent $27 of it , lol.
Upgraded stylus; Mile Davis, Kind of Blue (180 gr remastered mono); Dire Straights, Love Over Gold (180 gr 45rpm); Porcupine Tree, Fear Of A Blank Planet LP.  Yeah, kind of all over the spectrum.  
@mr_m You must be my long lost twin then because the Santa that brought me my Lumin T2 looked like me!
It was a little bit of a head-scratcher for sure. I was like light bulbs, cool thanks. And then the person that gave them to me said no wait they are Bluetooth speakers! I'm still trying to figure out where I would use them.
Blicher Hemmer Gadd - Get That Motor Running ( a Brinkmann Audio sponsored disc w Nyquist Mk2 MQA Dac to the cutter head )

A Conrad-Johnson EF-1 phono stage (waiting for package to arrive) to go with my PV-10AL and MF-2100. TT is HW-19 MKIII with new Jelco TS-550S and Hana EL. 
Some sweet gifts. its good to be an audiophool!

Sounds like a nice system there audite
Synergistic Research Orange Fuse.  Now to consider whether or not to post my impression, once I have the opportunity to install it.
Corpse Cable Gravedigger headphone cable as upgrade for my Audeze LCD-X, soon to be on the way thanks to my lovely daughters!
An Orren Ellis geometric lighted doorbell (the doorbell not the push-button). Damn thing won't light up even after installing a required resistor.

Oh, Audio related? a sweet Polk 12 inch subwoofer to fill out the bottom on my home-theater system. $330 delivered. Saved at least $1000 not buying the high-priced spread. 
A book from my wife.
For some reason she doesn't buy me audio stuff.

A week ago though I did order myself a Schumann Resonator Chartres MkV with two power supplies.

Just arrived in time for the holidays: Art Pepper - Thursday Night At The Village Vanguard/Contemporary LP ; Bruckner Symphony 9/Barenboim/Berlin Philharmonic/Teldec CD ; Tyrannosaurus Rex - Unicorn/Blue Thumb LP.
Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones WH1000XM3 for work (share an office).
And some terrific old-school CDs:
Ted Curson - Tears For Dolphy
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Live At Woodstock
Bobby "Blue" Bland & B.B. King - Together Again... Live
Tony Joe White - The Train I’m On
I should say, I got pretty luck this year!
I have a friend who has finally decided to take a lunge into this wonderful hobby. He went around a couple of shops and listened to a few speakers from Revel and Paradigms. I got him in touch with my dealer to discuss further. Triangles, Totems and Martin Logans were added to the list. My friend has 0 CD/LPs and is practically starting from scratch. I have suggested that he should go with the Marantz PM700M for amplification and streaming. Looking at either Audio Envy or Signal Cables for speaker cables. I think I am more exited about his future system than he is :-)
I spend a lot of time sitting and listening and after 3-4 years now, my Barcelona Chair just wasn't cutting it any more. On a lark, on the 24th, I went to Scandinaviandesigns.com and tried out some recliners for a good hour or so, ignoring everyone and just settling in for some serious sitting.

I went in with a set price in mind and while talking to store rep, he told me that everything was 20% off (until 12/30), even the mark downs and clearance sales. With that in mind, I scouted for bigger game and ended up with this: https://scandinaviandesigns.com/products/rullar-medium-manual-recliner

Not only does it recline, it swivels and it's a glider-rocker as well that can be locked into place, but I love that it does all three. It doesn't look as plush as a Stressless, which they have in store as well, but it's just as comfortable and half the price. Plus, its a manual and not a power recliner so it's lighter and more reliable as well. Of the two color choices, I went for the cognac. 👍

And, if anyone thinks I'm crazy for spending that much on a chair, I was going to buy a power conditioner and was ready to spend that much on one until I raised my cables and then I was going to buy a new watch or something equally useless but my rear end won out over my wrist.

All the best,
I am in the market for a new chair as my old sofa is now exactly that .... Old!
$1500 is not outrageous at all for everything it does and non power is my preference.... If powered I would likely have to tweak it with a fuse......

And I got a cabinet full of watchs already.
I use my phone all the time ( sic).
6 SR orange fuses and many of the Omega Mats.
Really upgraded the sound quality!

Outstanding Ozzy
But keep it quiet, we don’t want to upset the gorilla in the room, sorry, I mean George!

Noice chair.

But that huge flat circular disk really needs some acoustic isolation.

A Nagaoka MP-200 Phono Cartridge for my Technics SL-1210 M5G, and for my upcoming birthday in April 2020, a BlueSound NODE 2i.

Just received my present to myself.
An Esoteric dv50s.
Old yes but simply superb.
Playing Red by King Crimson DVD-A remastered by Frioand Wilson right now.
AudioQuest Niagara 7000 Power Conditioner. Santa dint know it needs a power cord. Why tick her off and tell her?
An Amazon card, with which to buy music. That's "audio related", right? ;-)
But of course Eric.... as long as you BUY music related items.... lmao
Happy Holidays!
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