Western Electric surveying market for (domestic?) mfg. of other tube types?


Hi guys..

Came across this in one of my feeds…it appears legit?

I realize that some of the Russian tube panic may be unfounded. However, I personally would love other options…especially if domestically produced.  

If this is legit,  it would probably be in our best interest to let WE know of the potential demand.  I personally would love another source for 12ax7s, 6922s, etc.

Please share thoughts and link as appropriate.

Gadflies need not respond. 





I saw this on another forum and answered the questionnaire. Hope they can do something positive with this situation.

I put this bug in their ear a few years ago. Asked why they wouldn't produce other kinds of tubes. Hope they listened. I'd like to see them make a Russian military-grade 6H30-DR tube. 

Click on the link the Op provided , fill in which tubes you have interested in and hit submit to give WE the info they need to assess interest