Westwood One Radio LPs

Does anyone have experience with the Westwood One Radio Network LPs of live concerts?
I am interested in their quality of sound as well as value in the used market.
I found a few for sale on eBay while researching them, to find variable pricing and not a lot of info otherwise...
We used to make those every week at RTI, along with American Top 40(Casey Kasem)and just about every other syndicated radio show before they all went satellite. I've got stuff going back to the 70's. I will check my basement stash for any WWO.
Hi Gaslover, (and all)

The reason I'm asking, is because I was at the home of a guy today who is selling his vinyl collection. I picked up some good stuff, and I saw that he had a couple of box sets of Westwood Radio concerts, including a live performancce of the Allman Brothers Band in 1990 in Wisconsin or some place like that. He had a friend at a radio station who gave him the box sets. I had no idea if they are even any good, let alone how much they're worth, so I thought I'd check here...
I think the only way to determine the going price would be to put them up for auction on eBay.

I am pretty sure that the sound would not be considered audiophile quality, but the music on them might be priceless. I would pay the guy a reasonable (by your standards) price for bands that you are interested in. You may not get another chance to purchase the music on these discs.

You can also check a website called Wolfgang's Vault where you can purchase lossy downloads of concerts or stream them on your computer for free. This is a legitimate operation not a bootleg site.
The WWO LP's were pressed at Record Technology in Camarillo California, under my watchful eye. RTI was (and still is)the finest pressing plant in existence. The program content and recordings for WWO were of the finest caliber too, as I recall.
Hi Gaslover, I didn't mean to denigrate your work or that of RTI. So are you saying that these lps would have very high quality sound?
That's ok, I know you didn't. If they have been properly cared for they should sound excellent. Be advised that some LP's had a reference 1k tone at the start of each side, and an occasional locked groove between cuts (these were for DJ convenience). The AT40 show did - I don't recall whether or not the WWO series had them.
If I had a chance to dig through a couple of boxes of WWO concerts, I'd be in heaven. One of my favorites was an REM recording (I think it was Orlando, April 30, 1989). The way Orange Crush was captured was amazing. I'm a huge REM fan, and the WWO broadcast was one of my favorite live recordings.
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