Wharfedale Jade 3 aluminium tweeter problem

Just bought a pair of Wharfedale Jade 3 standmount speakers, it looks very big, excellent craftsmanship in piano black finish, have been running them for 1 week, overall comment on sound:

Bass: I can't comment much on this, still think in the progress of write in, though I feel that no sense of strain, but I have problems playing some aggressive bass movement tracks, it seem the woofer hit the plastic surround...

Mid: Just fine, no problem

High: Though I will not say it's harsh, but it has too much sparkling and unwanted details, it seem no filter has been done, it makes a lot of tracks not listenable, it just sound not so comfortable bringing out some background noise, or piercing instrument too much

So far, this is my most disappointment in purchase Hifi speakers, I starting to wonder is this amp problem? I don't think so, I got several other speakers play just fine, include Wharfedale Diamond 122, Wharfedale Denton 80th Anniversary, Wharfedale Diamond 9.1. If let say power is not enough, I don't think so I can play track like Tutti! - Igor Stravinsky - The Firebird - Finale, with enough powerful omph without distortions, and most state of the art recording without problems, what's wrong here? The Jade 3 just does not work so forgiving in playing music?
I lost track of this thread several days in my own frantic pursuit of a monitor speaker. However, let me ask (if others have not,) the following questions:

1) Did you audition the Jade 3 speakers in an audio shop, or hear them at a friend'ss house??

2) If you heard them in an audio store, what type of equipment what being used to drive the speakers, that is, separates, integrated amp or AV receiver?? If separates do you remember what brand??

3 How did the Jade 3's sound in the shop?? Were you 90% convinced they sounded very good, and enjoyable to listen to your music?? Did you encounter similar problems or almost similar problems as what you described above??

4) Ask the dealer if you can swap out the demo models for your own, even if it is for 24 hour. If the demoes sound better or much better in your system, then there is something wrong with the speaker.

5) Regrettably, you have done much of heavy lifting for me. I was ready to buy a pair J-3's from Music Direct, after enquiring about the Denton speakers, which have received so many positive testimonials I based my choice on the reviews because there are no Wharfdale dealers in SoCal where I live

For me, the Jade 3 's are now out!!. I cannot wait a 1000 hours plus for them to sound as phenomenal as Bob Reina of Stereophile or Steve Guttenberg (of CNET) claimed. At 69 years old, a 1000 hours plus is previous time, the mortality gate can swing in either direction in the blink of an eye. Best Wishes, Sunnyjim

Let us know about the above questions I posed, unless they have already been answered. Remember, you are not wedded to either the dealer or product; there are too many good speakers out there now both used and new in your price range.
@Sunnyjim: I'm not able to audition the speakers, as the dealer not provide such, as he only give very good offer. My conclusion is aluminium tweeter always sound brighter than soft dome tweeter. I will try to trade in to get Wharfedale Opus 2 M2, the drivers on this speakers are very very interesting, and highly regarded from fellow from my country, but the price is like double, and the finish is very limited. The Denton generally is very well regard for music listening pleasure, the dynamic limitation should not been a bother to you. Try the Opus series, but you'll need more cash
A friend of mine bought a pair of these and was very disappointed. As was I. Break in is not going to help you.

@Shakeydeal: Thx for your report. Did your friend try to use something like NAD preamp?
No, why would he do that? The preamp he has is far better than a NAD anyway?