Wharfedale Linton Heritage 85th Anniversary

These are fun speakers.  They are musical and smooth. An absolute pleasure to hear with tubes.

I cannot believe how well made they are at this price point.  I'd like to wheel in a pair of Harbeths or Spendors (classic type) to have a shootout.  The stands are well executed.  Everything feels substantial and high end.  Color me impressed.  

@big_katydid, like you I wondered the same thing—all my current speakers cost more than double to triple the cost of the Lintons.  And now with the Lintons in the system they are sounding just as good. 

@jbhiller  I found the sound of the linton to be accessible for want of a better term, at least for those recordings, one thing I'd have to check for on any relisten was any fatigue, I didn't notice anything unpleasant at the time. They are a lot of box for the money, a touch bigger than the speaker they look like (at least with grill on) the Harbeth compact 7!

It would be great if somebody can compare the Linton to Denton 80th, which sound classic across wide spectrum and music genre, just worry the Linton sound too shrill or too lush?
I have heard the Denton 80th. I bought a pair for my father.  

The Linton is not harsh or shrill--at least with my gear, in my room.  It sounds better than the Denton as it covers a broader frequency range.  I haven't tried the Linton with solid state yet, but I did run the Dentons on a Creek Evolution 100 and they sounded really nice.  

I think the Denton Heritage sound signature is smooth, musical and listenable.  There's a touch of romanticism coming from the dome tweeter and midrange. The Heritage stuff is arguably not the most accurate. But I find it musical and keeps me listening longer.   I chose the Dentons for my dad after auditioning them for months with KEF LS50s.  The KEFs were really something in how they could disect the music.  But I think the Wharfedales cast a better picture. 
@jbhiller. 'not the most accurate'. I'm at the point where I'm eliminating the idea of 'improving' my audio and simply thinking I'd rather have 3, maybe 4 boxes to swap out, each about 2K but each doing something different, each with a strength but each one I like: one accurate, one forgiving and warm  one punchy and dynamic, one open, that type of thing. I'm convinced that many audiophiles, myself included are basically collectors and are forever needing the next scratch, I feel swapping for different flavor boxes might mitigate that, I wonder where the linton could fit in??