Wharfedale Linton Heritage 85th Anniversary

These are fun speakers.  They are musical and smooth. An absolute pleasure to hear with tubes.

I cannot believe how well made they are at this price point.  I'd like to wheel in a pair of Harbeths or Spendors (classic type) to have a shootout.  The stands are well executed.  Everything feels substantial and high end.  Color me impressed.  

avanti1960, No, I’m not saying that the Lintons have more bass than the Klipsch Forte III. What I said was the bass in the Linton was more "prominent". To be more precise, I’ll be very explicit. I think the Forte III is more even across the spectrum and the Linton has some mid bass boost--not a ton but it’s there in my room.

Now, here’s the deal. I’m not familiar with the Quad amp they ran the Lintons with at AXPONA. But what I can tell you is this--there is bass and warmth. It could be that my tube amps have more bass than my solid state amps. I know that sounds nuts to folks but it’s true. Bass is about bandwidth and large power supplies.

The other issue may be (other than differences in our ears) is differences in room and positioning.

I don’t take offense at all. Come on over. I have plenty of junk to play and kit to compare them to. Maybe they’ll break in further and they will sound different (more midrangey as you heard them).
One more thing--yes, the Forte IIIs rock the house. They are dynamic and I think they are better than many loudspeakers double and triple the cost. 
Klipsch Forte III seem like a violent speakers, not sure is the typical "America" speakers sound? Feel a lot of USA made sound way too aggressive for "British" audience, I love their amps made in USA though, more violent more good :P
Right up to murder their is more violent crime in UK than USA .And that's saying a lot !Both London and Glasgow have 10X more than Berlin .

@schubert  Human is different story to tell than speakers, I suppose. Dead speakers serve the ears, alive human serve nobody.