Wharfedale Lintons ... Any great amp pairings?

Just got a new pair of current Wharfedale Lintons. Am enjoying them.

Would like to hear if anyone has found an AMP pairing for their Lintons they find to be awesome/excellent/surprising. A basic Peachtree Nova I had and an LTA Ultralinear both sound good so far, but my gut tells me there is an exceptional match to be found that someone on here knows about. Please share.

Thank you in advance.

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in my view the lintons are a nice sounding speaker without a high degree of resolution nor drive

i would pair them with a lively, detailed solid state amp, like a yamaha or musical fidelity (lower tier) integrated or perhaps a mini gan5 power amp

Brit speakers = Brit electronics upstream….. for example , here is a highlight from a recent UK review of the LINTONs: 


” ,… It’s soon clear that these speakers have a relaxed way about them, so we pair them with the energetic Rega Elex-R integrated amplifier (£949). Other amps that offer a good degree of get up and go will also work well.…”