Wharfedale Opus2-3 versus Mirage OMD-28

I have am looking at both the Wharfedale Opus2-3 and Mirage OMD-28. They are both reviewed as good for big rooms and having good but not perfect treble. Has anyone heard them? Thoughts on how they compare?

I had the Opus 2-3 for a while and they are a really nice speaker.
They are pretty efficient so not too hard a load and they output deep solid and taut bass. The mids are clean and the treble isn't harsh, just well defined.

In my mind the two speakers don't compare, the Mirage wouldn't hold a candle to the Opus, but this is my opinion........
I have a set Of the opus 2-2's that I was using for my home theatre with the matching center channel(really hard to get a set of the surrounds for them). I was at a local dealer that had the full line set up for listening in about a 20x20 room. The room was similar to my living room, though the equipment was much different than my own.
Btw, they really sounded good with a Vincent integrated. Which the ones and twos were hooked up to. The 2-3's were hooked up to parasound jc-1's. In the audition I found that they all sounded really good, the salesman was pointing me towards the one as the better speaker, but I found the bass lacking. The threes were very nice, but the bass just didn't develop and obviously needed a bigger room to breath. The twos were just right, like little red riding hood decided.
I went home and found the set off the internet, used for a fraction of the price. They really suffer in the used market.
After getting them, I have been really surprised at how good they really are. I've never found their upper range wanting, and the midrange and bass are outstanding with the proper power. And they need power to open up. I really don't agree with their efficiency rating. They are pretty bland until you hit them with some serious power. They were initially used with my arc dual 76, just beautiful with tubes, but no lower end. Then came my old classe ca300, they woke up. Bass was tighter, and they started to open up. Then Krell fpb600, all drivers seemed to come together as one. Huge soundstage, they seemed to disappear.
Two final notes, the grills suck, they will break if you breath on them too hard. They need bi or tri-wiring and a good set of cables, and decent jumpers for bi wiring.
Thanks for the responses.

One of the things I am trying to cover with a new pair of speakers is listening at lower volumes. I'd like something that will fill my larger room a bit better. Any thoughts on whether either of these speakers have a full sound at lower volumes?