What 2 channel Amp would you Buy for $6k?

I plan on spending no more than $6k for power amp (tube or SS), but would like to hear from others what amp they’d get. I’ve done plenty of research, but honestly, I’m burn’t out and now would like to hear from others.
It’s hard to say what you will like in your system. If you have a local dealer, maybe they can let you borrow a few different amps. Else I suggest purchasing an amp from someone that has a generous trial period / return policy and will not hassle you should you want to send it back.

I use a Sanders Sound Magtech. It’s wonderful and dynamic and right at $5 with lifetime warranty. It’s 900 watts per channel into 4 ohms. It has 20 transistors per channel in the output stage, which can handle 7000 watts. For this reason there is no protective circuitry like other amps. That means no chokes!  It doesn’t get hot even at full blast. It can be left on all the time and uses next to no power at idle. It’s the only fully regulated transformer; it regulates both current and voltage. And it has been an Absolute Sound’s editors choice for many years now.

If I were to dare try another, I’d want to try the PS Audio BHK Signature 250 amp. It’s a little more than what you want to pay, but I think PS Audio will give a good discount if you trade in your amp to them. Just a thought.

Best of luck!

I would not spend $6,000 on an amplifier. There are plenty of good value amps out there for 1/3 of the price. Just make sure you get adequate power. Look into used gear or even pro audio. A used McIntosh would be a good choice. +FD 
Benchmark AHB2
Coincident Frankenstein MkII
Bryston cubed series
Pass XA30.8

depends on taste, power need, gear etc

Roddyboy , I think your question is strange , would you not choose the best amplifier to mate with Speakers you use ? I would think most would research this with other owners or even the manufacturer of your speakers , correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t that how it’s done finding the best amplifier that will drive your speakers optimally ?