What a pile of Schiit

Sorry, most of us just can’t resist.

So I was looking at the Schiit Asgard and wanted it with a phono card. The web site does not provide the phono option on the drop down even though the owners manual clearly states this is an option. The only way to get it is to order it separately . When you do that, not only does it cost more but it voids the return policy even though Schiit installed it! Now if I ordered the phono card separately, and did a self install, I could return it. But, here again, you are not given an option on the site of purchasing it that way. Note the other preamps have drop downs that allow the option of factory or self installation of these cards at $50 savings either way. Insane.

So I emailed Schiit and Laura dogmatically states there is nothing that can be done, that’s the way it is.


Anyone else had similar experience with this company?

Has anyone listened to this phono card option on any of their modular headphone amps?


I also had a bad customer service experience with Schiit.  

NOTE: if you buy a used Schiit product, there is no warranty at all.

I bought a new-in-box Freya + on USAM.  The tube section was unbalanced.  I called Schiit to ask what the proper approach was to find out if a tube was bad. They told me they couldn't help me because their policy is that their warranty is not transferrable and this was a warranty question.  I said, I'm just looking for information.  Sorry.  Can't help you. But you can buy a new set of tubes for over double the market rate.  Lesson learned. 

Excellent products and service.

Can not beat the price and quality!

I owned the Bi-Frost Multibit, and have in use, the Gungnir, and Less is more YGGY.

All excellent!

The complaints about Schiit are nonsense!

I'll say this I was  very happy with my freya+ and had a chance to buy a used rogue rp-7, which at five times the price new I figured would best the Freya + by a long shot. Well not necessarily true. It's taken some time and me thinks it's a little better but not a night and day difference as I was hoping for, so the freya isn't going anywhere for now until I'm sure!  I even sent the rogue to rogue audio for a repair because it did have some high level distortion and frankly sounded terrible with the stock tubes, I had to buy some nos tubes at half the cost of the freya!