What a sad world we now live in.......

What a sad world.....

Had to go to our local Wal-Mart for something for the wife and thought would check out CD,s while here.

Could not find them so asked where to be told they had decided to stop selling them in-store.

In fact the whole electronics section looked bare and desolate.

Pretty sure a sign of the buy online times we now live in.
1999 ~ 939 million physical CD shipments in the U.S.
2000 ~ 942 million physical CD shipments in the U.S.

2017 ~ 88 million physical CD shipments in the U.S.
2018 ~ 52 million physical CD shipments in the U.S.

[courtesy statista.com]

the CD format has a lot of life left in it

Where's the life??? I do not remember the last time I physically saw someone (a real life non-audiophile human) spinning a disc (Mobile/Portable or at home).

Is no one 'sad' for the tens of billions of polycarbonate plastic CD cases and mixed material polycarbonate, aluminium, etc. CDs (both with low recycling potential) out in the world wilds?
Impressive stats David .... Or depressive depending on your viewpoint.

I am quite happy to help some of those billions of silver discs find a new home and life.
I understand that CD's are yesterday's news.  The realization that it was all coming to an end, for me, came awhile ago.  The closing of Tower Records.
Stats can be misleading. How many audiophiles are still buying CDs compared to the general public, who'll buy whatever is the most convenient format?

I would venture a guess that the number is close to a constant in the highest and lowest estimates of who's buying CDs. 

At least I am. 😄

All the best,
I was lucky, I bought a new Subaru and it has a CD player. I stream via  appleplay car app and Spotify, but I am glad I have the option to spin a disc. It is sad about how much goods are not showing up in big stores, in fact whole stores (think bookstores and malls) are slowing diminishing in numbers. The sad news there (possibly an extension of your observations) is that local jobs are gone with them.