What affects front to back depth in room/ system?

I've been moving speakers around for a while now trying to maximize their placement for a happy balance of soundstage width, focus of center image, vocal height, instrument placements, etc. I want to get the speaker placement settled before acoustically treating the room. The room is 15x20 with 8' ceilings. Speakers are setup along the 20' wall. I'm pretty happy with most aspects of the sound, but what I can't seem to figure out is how to improve the depth. Honestly, I'm not sure if what I'm after is attainable to begin with. Is it possible to have depth that reaches the listening position in a 2.2 channel sound system? The depth behind the speakers is great, just not much in front of them- unless it's one of those songs that has a part where it has that inverted phase trick. Then it washes over me. I want that all the time. Any feedback and advice is appreciated. 


Let's consider some of the basics of perceived soundstage depth.  Sounds that seem way behind the speakers have reverberation which is either natural--from distant-miking--or artificial.  Sounds that emanate from the plane of the speakers are typically close-miked without much reverb.  To have sounds in front of the speakers in a stereo system would require that the phase was reversed.  Or maybe it can be done with a surround system.

With regard to southern California dealers, I thought Alma Audio in San Diego did a nice job of setting up their Boenicke W8 speakers to create a sense of depth. The sound was very enveloping. Nice looking speakers that sound excellent, imo.

@veerossi adding to my earlier post. Now that I saw your system….very nice! But I’m afraid, in addition to room acoustics, lack of preamp is contributing to the soundstage limitations you’re experiencing. 

It sounds like I need to finally get going on my room treatment. I’m not sure there’s much left for improving speaker position in the room. My speakers dissapear 90% of the time right now. I need to finally buckle down and learn how to use REW.

Earlier I spun the Mofi Brothers in Arms and on "So Far Away From Me" I get the sound wrapping around the room- almost like it’s giving me a hug. My thought is: somewhere there’s a treated room with a properly setup system that can do this full-time. I’m holding on to this as a goal.

Not seen in my photo is the rest of the gear that’s against the back wall. I will try going back to the short wall for the setup, but will need to muster up the energy for that chore first.

@8th-note The BSG QOL Processor sounds interesting. Do you recall how much it cost?

@o_holter One of these days, I need to hear Quads. For a long time, I’ve heard so many great things about them.

@testrun Wow, that Moon River is a spectacular recording. It's ASMRish! Soundstage is massive!

@audphile1 The depth doesn’t change much at low volume, but I can tell when I’m at the right volume. There is a volume where the pressure in the room is just right. Too little and it’s a bit dull. Too loud and it overwhelms/ excites the room. Using my phone and the DecibelX app, around 70-75db works well.

u r chasing u tail….if your system can do it on a recording but not others….