What albums, in your opinion, sound unquestionably better on Vinyl rather than Digital?

So this is not an effort to start a medium-war thread, rather in my view some records just seem to be mastered better on the vinyl record version than the digital version. Three that spring to mind from my record collection:

  • Henri Texier - Varech
  • Tom Misch - Geography
  • JLin - Black Origami (this very surprisingly to me)

I know everyone’s system is different, everyone’s ears are different and everyone’s tastes are different, but for the purposes of this discussion let us assume that YOU are the final arbiter of objective reality!
Some great ideas here, plus some bands I haven’t heard of (and am now, faintly ironically, going to check out on Spotify...)!
I"ve got half a dozen albums that are worse than the equivalent CD’s. The albums were terrible pressings done in the 80s and early 90s on paper thin vinyl with tracks crammed on, back when the promise of CD’s meant some only paid lip service to quality control of vinyl.
I don’t have SACD or DVDA so can’t really comment on those. I have heard a few SACD at friends and I’d suggest to my ear and for the few things I’ve heard, it sounded different, not necessarily better or worse.

I stream Spotify (don’t judge) to try and keep up with the vast amount of new stuff out there, give it a quick listen, and then work out what I’d like to buy on vinyl.
All first pressings:

The Band - Songs From Big Pink
The  Band - The Band
Steely Dan (any)
Beatles - Abbey Road (EMI import)
Pink Floyd - Meddle (EMI import)
Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here (EMI import)
Genesis (any up to including And Then There Were Three)
Michael Hedges - Aerial Boundaries
Beach Boys - Pet Sounds
The Who - Who's Next
The Who - Quadrophenia

I agree with Mr. "tooblue" statement. It's unquestionable that ALL albums sound better. Said so when CD's first hit the market. Most people (non-audiophiles) thought WOW! CD's sound much better! I personally thought they needed hearing therapy.