What amp are you using with your Zu Essences?

Just a scored a pair of these and I was just wondering what people were pairing up with them. I've heard they work best with tubes. Has anyone tried solid state or Class D and then moved to tubes? How many or how few watts have worked for you? Thanks in advance for any stories.
Your own ears will tell you, but no, reducing speaker impedance will not make the Peachtree's amp section sound better tonally. 6ohms may allow it to sound a little more energetic, however.

Hey Phil,

That's exactly what I was talking about, thanks! I knew it would not change the tonality but was thinking it may have a little more energy & punch perhaps. I will more than likely
run the XPA-2 anyway, but was thinking if I did not need it, I could turn the amp (XPA) into a sub.

I will follow this thread as I would like to try tubes maybe.

Any thoughts on how these may work with something like a Jolida 302BRC?? I have never come across anyone mentioning
Zu/Jolida combo's but would think it would be a very sweet

Thanks again!
Well, I just sent away for a new tube compliment for my LA-Audio 100r. KT-94s produce plenty of grunt (90 wpc into 8ohm) and a good deal of image saturation, which is something that is missing with the Sharp. Less pristine and sweet than the Sharp, I'm betting that Essence tweeter gives a more artful presentation with the LA Audio.

I'm curious to know, why are the Essences considered different from the more typical Zu sound/models. I know they are less sensitive, but how does that actually play out in the listening arena?

After reading up on some suggestions I'd really like to hear the Pass XA30.5; thanks again all--fascinating discussion.
I will start with the disclaimer that I am no audiophile or expert, and I have to say that I enjoyed the Essence until I upgraded to the Omen Defs. However, the Omen Defs are not that far away from the Def mk ii (especially with a few mods)and maybe even better in all categories except the bass (direct quote from Sean Casey). Both the Omen Defs and the Superfly excel with dynamics, sound staging, and are both very musical. The Superfly produces a bit more of an intimate feeling for me, though they both sound like you are at a live show....with great presence and tonality. I never got that from the Essence. The Essence excelled with vocals and jazz, but when things "got busy" so to speak, especially on the high end, my ears fatigued at even low volumes. This only happens with the Defs for me at higher volumes for longer periods of time, and with better amplification, it keeps getting louder and longer before I fatigue!

I am loving the Pass XA 30.5 at the moment, though I do have a Carissa 845 on the way. If the Pass is displaced, let me know and I will give you a great price on it.
"1markr Morganc... very interested in your thoughts about how the 845-based Carissa plays with your Omen Defs! Please keep us posted!"

I will for sure! It arrives Wednesday and I am off Thursday afternoon.....so I will gladly give you an update:-).......

For anyone else, especially you Phil, have you tried the Art Audio PX-25 with Zu? If so I would love to hear your thoughts, especially if you can compare it to the Carissa or a similar 845.