What amp do use to drive your Klipsch Cornwall I,

What amp, tube or solid state are you using to drive our Klipsch Cornwall I's or II's. I hear allot about 6BQ5/EL34 amps and Horns. Of course the Cornwall need more power than the LaScalla or KHorns. I see allot of people use simple receivers on their Klipsch too. I want to stay with separates so power amp tube or solid state. What are you using with excellent results?
Of course the Cornwall need more power than the LaScalla or KHorns.

There is no reason they should need more power than LaScalla or Khorns. They use the same mid driver and tweet. Sensitivity on them is around 102db. You should be able to drive them with low watt SET amps if desired. I've always preferred tubes with Klipsch Heritage myself. You have a very wide range to choose from.
I have the Cornwall III's, I use a new McIntosh MA6600 for the pre-amp section only, driving an older pair of Luxman MB3045 tube monoblocks, 50 watt/ch. The sound is fantastic, although at times I wish I had a little more power.

I found the 200 watts/ch of the MAC was a little too much punch for the horns.
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I've tried lots of amps, both solid state and tube (McIntosh, Jolida, Cary, Quicksilver, Audio Research, etc...) but always come back to a modded Scott 299 EL-84 tube integrated. Just something about that sound. Musical, non-fatiguing and warm. Have fun experimenting!