what amp for nht 2.5i

i want at least 200 wpc, would like 3 channel but not a must, i like power meters ar at least a reliable clipping indicator. i have been looking at adcom, rotel, nad, proton d1200. all used. you can see my price range is limited to around $600. my pre-amp is avr20ii, but will be hk avr230 in the future. will use tfm-15 for rear channels, but i dont think i want any more carver amps. 5 channel would be perfect if i could use 2 ch for each main and 1 for center. power is important to me, the more the better. thanks and happy new year.

I have been using a highly modded (B+) McCormack DNA 0.5 with my 2.5is for the last four years and I am very impressed with the combination. Two recommendations for you though: 1) Bi-Wire, it really does make a difference, and 2) Get very good speaker cables. The quality of the cable do make a (significant) difference.

i am using 12 ga esoteric audio speaker wire, only about 6 foot long. looks like pretty good stuff i bought about 12 years ago. think it was about $.70 per foot on sale. i lost one of the jumpers so i sripped off about four inches of the insulater and ran it right through the lower terminal to the upper one and tightened them both up. would a jumper be better than the 12ga wire between the too. if so. what kind?

thanks for the amp sugestion by the way.

i'm leaning towards a five ch amp, with my budget it seems like more bang for my buck. i will have a center and i can bi-amp or bridge with two chanels per side, which ever sounds better. i think i will wind up with more potental watts if i bridge two channels.