What amp / int. amp would you still like to try?

Being in job transition (out of work) gives you too much idle time so I just read the thread of Amp Evolution. It was very interesting, but after reading it I wonder, what lies ahead for everyone? I've been in the hobby for about 30 years and its always been fun sampling different things.

In responding, it would be helpful to quickly re-list your amp evolution and then what you are interested in trying and your motivation for it. This way others might be able to comment and offer advise based on their experiences in order to steer you in the right direction. My own amp evolution is pretty long so I'll follow this up at a later time. Hope this can generate a nice thread. Thanks for your input,

I have always wanted to try an OTL design at home. I would like to see how it compares to the mighty Meishu too...
If it were possible, the now withdran, VAC top of the range integrated, the Phi Beta, I think it was. It looks just stunning and from VAC, I am sure it sounds it too
Well, given the first two replies, I feel that I must comment. I am in the process of selling my amp (Atma-Sphere S-30 Mk III) and preamp (Messenger) and purchasing the VAC Phi Beta (directly from VAC...the last one ever produced).
I'm a big believer in amp/speaker synergies. So it's fairly useless to talk about amps in a vacuum without considering what they're driving.

For instance, the Atma-Sphere S-30 is said to be a heavenly match with Audiokinesis speakers. So maybe a speaker switch is a better bet than an amp switch.

Similarly, the Quad 57's sound fantastic with McIntosh MC225's (my dad's setup). When I had some later Quads (63's) they sounded extra nice with an OTL Transcendent Sounds amp. And quite good with a lowly Dynaco ST-70 too.

On the other hand, my Maggies sound too laid-back with McIntosh, but really come alive with an Innersound ESL amp.

I extensively auditioned a pair of Green Mountain Audio Calypso's (GREAT speaker), and those were nicely driven by a VAC Phi integrated.

My point is that the amp technologies need to match the characteristics of the speakers to obtain maximum sonic benefit. So it's helpful to know not only where you are going with your amp choices, but where you are coming from, and the speakers that are your partners in the process!