What amp / int. amp would you still like to try?

Being in job transition (out of work) gives you too much idle time so I just read the thread of Amp Evolution. It was very interesting, but after reading it I wonder, what lies ahead for everyone? I've been in the hobby for about 30 years and its always been fun sampling different things.

In responding, it would be helpful to quickly re-list your amp evolution and then what you are interested in trying and your motivation for it. This way others might be able to comment and offer advise based on their experiences in order to steer you in the right direction. My own amp evolution is pretty long so I'll follow this up at a later time. Hope this can generate a nice thread. Thanks for your input,
This is very true and a good point. You can never overlook system/room synergy in building a good system or the synergy between amp and speaker.

Even though I realize its all system synergy, whenever I make any system change, I always tend to think about one component change at a time. Any more than that becomes too confusing. When I make the one change, then I can easily evaluate the results. After that, if the synergy between spkr and amp isn't there, I can then think about changing speakers.

Naturally, if I'm radically changing spkr designs, from a high efficiency speaker to a low one, then I'd also have to change amps as well.
Over the years I have heard representations most of the successful analog amplifier designs. I would like to hear all the digital amp designs. So far I have heard a Spectron, a Tact and a Bel Canto, and have been very favorably impressed with the latter two (perhaps our sample of the Spectron was defective). As seductive as tubes are, they "color" and fog the sound, while transistors add noise. Digital seems to have the potential of doing less harm. Whether that has yet been achieved is another matter.
> what is it that you hope to improve on regarding the Atmosphere?

Quite frankly, I’m hoping that the VAC will be the equal of the Atma-Sphere. The S-30 is a great amp. My reasons for going to the VAC integrated are not sonic ones.

> …it's fairly useless to talk about amps in a vacuum without considering what they're driving.

No question about it. For example, I previously owned SoundLabs. I’d say that 9 out of 10 amps could not drive those beasts properly.

> the Atma-Sphere S-30 is said to be a heavenly match with Audiokinesis speakers.

I can sure vouch for that!
Since I am a soundlab owner I to wish for Ralph's MA1 or MA2 model;for pre amp I would like to hear the ARC Ref 3 or 5 and again Ralph's pre amp as well.
I would like to try a Jadis DA30 or 60 integrated. Not that I expect it to sound as good as my OTLs, but I just always loved the way they look, and those that own them seem to love them. Have to agree on the VAC Phi Beta, only heard it once with the Magicos at a show, what a beautiful looking and sounding piece of gear. Do they even make an integrated anymore? You would think something like the Avatar with and without phono option should have stayed in the lineup for a long, long time.