What amp is best with Wilson Sasha DAW speakers

Just received my new Wilson Sasha DAW speakers and am now beginning to sift through a long list of electronics that would bring out the best in them. If anyone owns these and could give some recommendations I love to hear them. I’m open to tube or solid state. Looking for amps and preamp. All opinions are appreciated.
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Dear @carey1110  : Great speakers those Sasha Dawn. Are speakers that needs a high current amp to honor it and you have to remember that its impedance goes down 2.48 at 85hz that's an " all day " frequency.

Spectral is very good and does not needs the MIT cables and I know because I used with out it and performs great. 

Spectral preamps are very goo too  but for amp for your speakers I think that you can't wrong with the Halo JC1s monoblocks designed by J.Curl for Parasound.
 These amps are extremely hard to beat and its quality level performance ( in my experiences with top speakers . ) is second to none and competes with heavy $$$$$ amp s. You can't ask for more and a bargain at its low price:


here its specs/features: 

  other very good alternatives:




For a preamp these are excellent units:



Regards and enjoy the MUSIC NOT DISTORTIONS,
After owning a Parasound A21, in my opinion it doesn’t have the dynamic headroom/power to drive Wilson Sasha DAW speakers.
@rauliruegas If you don’t care about warranty support or want a very expensive paper weight then by all means use non mit cables in a spectral system.

@audiotroy is correct on this one and Spectral must be used as a system. That is pre+amp and MIT cabling.

if you don’t subscribe to the spectral system approach then I wouldn’t pursue Spectral. As others have stated there are many fine and less expensive alternatives.

However , a properly setup and full Spectral system is very special indeed. 

There is YouTube Video from Munich 2019 with Your speakers and Spectral electronics.  I know you can’t judge from YouTube but , in case you are interested. 

Also consider reaching out to music lovers in ca and innovative in NYC for all your spectral/ Wilson questions as they are authorized dealers for both brands. 

I’m sure that’s true about some cases of manufacturer partnering to share equipment, but dig deeper and the Wilson / Audio Research connection seems to run especially tight.

For example, check out the May 21 Soundstage video of Audio Research headquarters

and see that ARC uses Wilson as their speaker of choice for their Warren Gehl listening test of every single Audio Research product before it goes out the door.

ARC could choose any speaker they want for that critical application, and arguably their speaker choice for their out-the-door gatekeeper for every single ARC product is the most important speaker choice they can make.

Further, Wilson’s aren’t even in the ARC-member McIntosh Group corporate family like Sonus Faber is, for example (where you’d expect if ARC were to buddy-up with a speaker manufacturer, it’d be Sonus Faber, not an outsider like Wilson).
I'm not a Wilson expert, but I believe also in that video the Wilson speakers used are from the Watt/Puppy lineage, from which the current Sasha DAW derives.  So yeah, pretty good bet that Sasha DAW's with ARC is a solid combo.