What AMP/PRE for Audio Physic Tempo 3i/Cary 303 CD

I am looking to upgrade an old B&K ST 202 amp and Pro 10 pre-amp. I have a Cary 303 CD player and Audio Physic Tempo 3i speakers. I am thinking about going to a tube amp and am considering a VAC PA 100/100. I am also considering pairing it with a Bryston BP-25. I am open to an all solid state system again, while a SS amp and tube pre-amp combination could also be a possibility. I listen to a wide range of music, but mostly low level rock, jazz, and jazz vocals. My wife, however, loves indie rock. I am looking for a little more fullness to my system. The budget for both is probably around $4000 to $5000 new or used. One thing I need is a balance control on the pre-amp due to room configuration and furniture placement (14x36 with a long wall of windows and couches).

Any suggestions? Thanks.
Why not look at the Cary preamps? Model 88 or 2002? Also the DJH version of the AE-3.
I'm for tubes. BAT VK-30SE pre-amp and VK-60 amp. Used, they should be close to your budget.
Perhaps a Conrad Johnson tube pre amp and solid state amp would work. I have listened to the Audio Physic's on the Conrad gear and it sounded very nice. I also have the Cary 303 CD and know it would also work well with the Conrad Johnson gear.
Thanks for the input. It's funny, but I had thought of Cary (Rocket 88 or the V-12) and also had considered a CJ SS amp and tube pre combination. Both Cary and CJ still intrigue me. I had overlooked BAT, and will check it out. Yet, does anyone have experience with the VAC and AP speaker combination? Are they a good match?