what amp/pre/pro for my Zingali 3s

I am new to the Audigon game and all this stuff. I recently purcased a pair of Zingali 3s. I am 80% music, mostly female voices, acoustic/folk, some alternative rock and Jazz
My listening room, 14 foot ceilings, 14x20 or bigger
they are 4ohm 92db speakers. I was planning to spend about 2500 on processor/amps. Initial plan..open for review
1)outlaw 950/755 (weak for the 2 channel game?)
2)classe ssp-25 used and outlaw 755
3)classe ssp-25 and used hot rod three and 2 channel
4)outlaw 1050 and separate amp for the 2 mains, (can a separate 2 channel pre amp be added so the outlaw 1050 just runs ths HT?
5) help other options??
my rears are speakercraft center and sub are most
likely also Zingali
Also wanted to spend 1000 or so on a source, the new Sony
Yeah, I know, interconnects and speaker wire
will get as I go,

Dcktr, I hate to say this but at your price range for pre-pro/amps your kinda between a hard spot and a rock. I don't know much about your speakers but I would guess that you like them a lot. I did hear that they are very unforgiving of poor recordings but with your choices in music I would guess that most of what you listen to is well recorded. This is were I think you have a problem, 80% music listening means you need a very good pre/pro which does not leave much $$ for amp choices. I would say that leaves out the outlaw pre/pro. Even if you go with a good two channel system and build hometheater into that set up (which most people do) you still need a good pre-amp of one sort or another, be it a two channel pre or a pre/pro. I am of the camp that thinks a very good pre and just a good amp will do more for the sound of your system than a very good amp and just a good pre will do and here in lies your problem,I think for $2500 your gonna have to make a choice. I don't know how good the Classe is in two channel, or what they go for used ( I could not find one for sale ). I guess if I were you and I wanted the best two channel I could get I would get a cheap HT receiver with pre outs (used) for about $500, add a good two channel amp (used) and then get the best two channel pre you can (Tubed active or a good passive would be great) and again (used)The downside to this would be a lot of boxes and wires but the upside would be the best sound and cover all your bases. The Sony would be fine also, you should be able to find it for that price I would think (new). Good luck and let us know how you make out.
Most likely you will need to raise your pricepoint if you want to get a musical pre/pro plus amp/s to cover the entire system. Power won't be that much of an issue since your speakers are very efficient. You might want to start with putting together a good two channel system and moving along from there since music is your main interest. If so, the fine line of Consonance products by Opera Audio are worth considering. Consonance created much excitement at the recent Consumer Electronics Show. Tube preamps and solid state amps that will work in your price range. Also, they have a tube CD player with remote volume control. Pictures at www.operaudio.com
Good luck!
Thank you for your response
I like the idea of going with preamp/then amp/ then receiver later
Do you have any favorite pre amps with HT pass through?
Buying the pre first will allow me more flexibility to match my source and amp (if I go passive)
Have been reading the posts alot (wife wants me to come to bed!)
How about the Sonic frontier Line up?

Thanks in advance
do the consonance pre amps have a
ht pass thru so i can easily add an
ht w/ pre outs later?
which models of pre and SS amp
would you rec to total 2000 (used)
love the way they look!
Hi Dcktr, the sonic frontier would be great, I use a simple passive in my system. I would do a post asking for advice on good tube pre for this if you want to go with tube set up. If you want to go with a passive set up I would go with F.T. audio passive, Placette audio passive or the unit I use which is Bent audio transformer passive, all three are very good units. The Placette and Bent are about the same price and can be had with remote control. The F.T. audio is half the price of the other two.