What amp should be used with merlin vsm's?

Maybe merlin owners can help me with this, I am looking for an amp to go with my merlins. Should I get a belles 150a hotrod or sim w5 or a b&k st140. Are there any other amps I should look at? Which of these can bring me the best sound? I would like to get joule's vzn100 but am not financially ready, but if there is a tube amp that costs less- something under $3500 used, I would consider it.
Pedrillo, based on your price range, I think you should talk to Bobby about the Ars Sonum Integrated. Do a search, you'll be surprised at the amplification some other Merlin owners have used before making the switch. Mine is on order. It sound fantastic at the NYC Stereo show. If you want to stick to SS, I would look for a used Ayre V5x.
I've been using the ARS Sonum Filarmonia integrated for the past year with my VSM-MX's and it's a great match and highly recommended. I just upgraded the fuses in it to the HiFiTuning silver ones and it made it even better.

Highly recommended and a perfect match for Merlin's. Best of luck in your choice.
Bhoage, what did the fuses do to the sound? Send me an e-mail so we don't sabatoge this thread. thanks.
Just got the amp today. it's smaller than I thought it would be. I think I'll do the fuse thing too.