What Amp with KEF 105.2?

I have a JVC SS amp from the mid to late 80's that kicks out 120W/channel, kinda high end for it's time (a consumer version of JVC's Pro series) A-X900 series. Got it as a package with a pair of KEF 104.2(bi-amp) version.It sounded great in my living room till the internal woofers gave way. Was wandering if it would be a good match with a pair of kef 105.2's. The speakers i currently use with the JVC sounds thin in the bottom end, forcing me to use the loudness button and engage the tone controls which i dont like to do, since i prefer to bypass the tone or leave the treble and bass switch on the 12 O'clock mark. I also listen to my music kinda low (jazz, classical) since i leave in an apartment
I've had a McCormack DNA-1 Deluxe as well as a DNA .5 Deluxe and each more than handled my KEF 104/2 Reference speakers. The sound was very nice to me. Very open and airy. With the DNA-1s the music was a little more forward sounding then when I had them powered with the DNA .5 Deluxe amp. I know this isn't an exact comparison but I really think the KEF 105.2s will match well with a McCormack DNA-1. If you could get monoblocks that would be even better.

Also if you are a good DIYer I would say refoam the 104/2s and for the tweeters get the ferro fluid changed. I had this done to my KEF 104/2s and am happy. The repairman checked everything and it was his feeling that the KEF 104/2s when refurbed can compete with speakers in the $1500-$2000 range.
I pump 28 VAC triode tube watts into a pair of KEF 104.2's and they fill a two story room quite nicely. I've tried much higher powered solid state and thought they were far less involving.
Citation 16 or Adcom 355. Are you running a JVC A-X9 integrated? I've got one coming and am curious how well it drives various speakers. While it's rated at only 150 watts, it delivers a lot of current and I believe runs Class A for 5 or 7 watts, not sure it's pure Class A -- something JVC called "Super A".
It's been a very long time since I had a pair, but they did like power. Why not find some ICE power or a hypex? The bass will be awesome and transparency 2nd to none.

Check the caps in the xover. A modest modern cap will bring extra detail and remove some grain.

I second the rotation of the woofers 180 degrees.