what amplification are you running with your Dynaudio Heritage Specials?

currently running a Supernait3 but would like to try a few other options, at some point will try an AHB2 (or two)  and an Anthem STR integrated

what are you guys using?


I’m happy with an ARC VSi75 and a REL sub.  For solid state, I use a Hegel H190 which sounds very nice.  I didn’t need the power of upper level Hegels.

A Dynaudio dealer told me that the best amp they have had on the Dynaudios was a Diablo 300…..and they are not a Gryphon dealer.

Pass XA25. I've read plenty about how the Heritage Specials need a high wattage amp, but the XA25 in my room does everything I need. Completely musical and transparent. I have a Linear Tube Audio Microzotl pre and the dynamics are also wonderful.

I have to agree with @cbrez the HS don’t need high wattage, but they are a speaker that can scale up to its amplification. More then any other speaker I’ve tried, they do a great job revealing the subtle characteristics of it’s amplification. With my tube amp I noticed it sounds better with 25 watts triode then 45 watts ultra-linear so it’s definitely not about the watt count. Room size also matters, I have mine in a medium sized room and think they’re perfect. Of the YouTube videos I’ve seen, not that this is an accurate way to judge, but I was really impressed by the Gryphon/HS combo. That’s going to be on my list of things to try one day. That and the INT250. I also heard them paired with a Hegel 590 and I’ve never heard the Hegel sound better. So that’s another brand worth trying. We are kinda talking amongst ourselves however as OP has moved on from the Heritage.

I have the Confidence 20 which are a step above in every aspect in my opinion. I have to agree on Gryphon being an excellent choice but the 300 is well over 20k....too much amp for that speaker in terms of cash.Maybe used with the new model out you could get one for 10k? Or less,don't know.Im using  pass int60...The int 250 is overkill that your speakers ..You can get a used int60 for 6k use it 3 or 4 years and recoup most your investment. ..Pass and Dynaudio have always been musical together.