What Amplifier Have You Heard In Your System & What Amplifiers Will You Always Keep

What Amplifiers Have You Heard In Your System and What Amplifiers Will You Always Keep In Your Collection (and Why)

I have heard the following amplifiers in my system:

Yamaha AV receiver—Home theater kept

CJ MF 2550–small easy to manage very spatial, powerful keep

David Berning ZH-270–15lbs, controllable negative feedback settings, a keeper

Carver Signature Sunfire 600—the Swiss Army Knife of amplifiers, keep

Carver Lightstar 1.0–busted but kept

John Iverson Eagle 2–excellent, spatial, powerful, manageable size and weight,keep

Crown 1500–these are surprisingly good little class D amps, keep, will probably sell

Yamaha p2150/2250–keep! These are amazing amps, especially mono blocked

Ampzilla 1974–music sounds just like you remember it sounding, keep

Ampzilla 2000–luscious, detailed, natural, currently in system

Pioneer AV Receiver—not so good sold 

Sony AV receiver—very good sold 

Emotiva XPA 200–fine entry level amp sold

Adcom 555–excellent, great amp, but sold

Behringer 1400 europower—too pushy, light hearing the sausage being made, sold

BAT VK-500–excellent, too big and heavy

BAT VK-250–a really great amp but sold

CJ Premier 350–don’t see what the fuss is about, sold

Spectron Muscian 3 Mk2–excellent, but details are odd, couldn’t drive Kappas

Quicksilver GLA—a beautiful sounding amp, great tempo and naturalness, but not powerful enough, and I don’t want to worry about tubes, sold

Belles 350A—worst amp I have auditioned, like nails on a chalkboard 

Currently my system is:

TEAC 2300s reel to reel

Audio Technical Turntable

Oppo 105D ModWright

Mac Mini

Schiit Gungnir DAC

Sonic Frontiers Line 2 Pre

Ampzilla 2000 mono blocks

Thiel CS6 Speakers

Infinity Kappa 7’s, 8’s

Mogami interconnects