what amps are you guys using for your for Dynaudio Confidence 20s?

curious for those who own these speakers how you drive them and your amplifier experiences

please and thanks




thank you, your recent posts have me almost ready to give up on the 20s and move straight to 30s


I bought my 20's as 1 year old demo's from my dealer, and he bought a set of 30's. The new line of amps he was selling didn't seem to be able to run the 30's properly, so he called me 2 years later and asked if I wanted to upgrade to the 30's for a decent price, and he would take the 20's back. 

I was all over that deal, it took us 4 hours to get the 30's set up for the room, 13 feet x by 21 feet. But they are perfect. I was content to keep the 20's as my end game speaker, but I could not pass up on this deal. I am glad I did, the bass shakes my house now.

@hilroy48 end game never exist in this hobby. People have Fleetwood Deville and change out. 

Oh it does for me, I am 61 yrs old now and I have reached the point of diminishing returns.😂

Ive had the C30s and decided to go with the 20s for right now ..For me the difference in performance against the difference in cash just didnt add up..Id get the C50s if stepping up,the 30s are like the ugly step child ..same thing happened with the older C2s..no one bought them..It was either the c1 or the C4s.Anyway..heres my short list for Dynaudio power..Simaudio,Pass labs,Gryphon,Boulder....Never say never but tubes no way..my opinion!