What amps do you use with your Revel Salons/Studio

I'm using an EAD PowerMaster 2000, and was toying with the idea of going to a 2-channel, or getting a pair of monos. Not sure of tube/SS...what are y'all using?
The best and safest bet is mark levinson. The 436's or if budget is a concern the proceed HPA 2. I have revel studios and use harmonic precision 110 monos, but as happy as I am with them they have unique charateristics which I would suggest demoing before purchase. The ml amps are clearly appropriate.
My Revel Studios are paired with a Mark Levinson 335 amp. I could not be more pleased.
For extra headroom and reserve, I bi-power my Salon with a ML 333 on the bass and a ARC 100 mk3 for mid and treble. I, this way, enjoy the pleasure and advantages of both solid state and tube design.