what ARC combo- Ref 1/Ref 110 or Ref 3/VT 100 MK3?

assuming similar price points on used market- i.e. Ref 1 preamp and VT 100 MKIII amp are similar in cost, as are used Ref 110 amp and Ref 3 preamp. In your opinion, which of the above pairings would yield better performance and which would you choose? (as the prices of each combo are similar).
You may also consider the LS26 Ref 110 combo.The 26 is really close in performance to the Ref 3 and the 110 is much better than VT100mkIII.That's my opinion anyway.
I second what audphile states (had ls15, ls25Mk I and II, and Ref1, and a VT 100mkII) and given above pairings, as Kschiu says, the Ref3 -> VT100MKIII would sound superb into the same speakers (assume either speaker can be drive effectively by ~100 watts push/pull 6550 quads), and better overall sound than REF1 -> Ref 110, just mho.

...Dave Mitchell this is one for you!
thanks for all the comments so far- looks like the preference is to put more $$ into the preamp than the amp
Get the Ref3 no matter what....you can always upgrade the amp. The Ref3 is a monster.
IMO LS-26/Ref 110 is the way to go. The LS26 is close enough in performance to Ref 3 to consider it as an option on a limited budget. I'm Ref 3/Ref 110 owner.