What are good preamp upgrades from Adcom GFP-565?

I am using an Adcom GFP-565 that I purchased from an AudiogoNer 2 years ago. The unit turned out to be faulty, but at least the CD input worked. None of the other inputs work. I was forced to live with it because I was strapped for cash and could not afford to buy a replacement. It has become worse and even the CD input is starting to act up.

I want to purchase a new pre-amp and so far I am considering a Peachtree Audio iDecco and also a used Audio Research. However, I am worried about cost of replacement tubes with the Audio Research. What else should I consider? My budget is $1,000. Does NOT have to be tube.

Current system is:
Cambridge Audio 540C CD Player
Adcom GFP-565 Preamp
Adcom GFA-555II Power Amp
Infinity Beta 20 Speakers

There are not that many tubes in a line stage. Preamp tubes last a long time and are not that expensive as long as you buy current production. There are no expensive power tubes to replace. So the tube replacement costs of an ARC should not be that much more expensive than the Peachtree. Tube amps are where it can get expensive to re tube.

That said, I would not purchase any preamp without hearing it in my system. An excellent preamp can sound bad if matched with the wrong amp. System synergy is very important. If you are planning on upgrading your amp in the not too distant future. The I would decide on a upgrade plan for both.
agree with Srwooten. The Adcom GFP 750 is a totally different animal than the other adcom pres. I would recommend picking one up.

Nice thing about the 750 is the passive mode. If you like Adcom try it out. They go pretty quick here on the gon and so if you get it and don't like it you can always sell it again pretty easily.