What are some excellent mid -priced tuners?

I have a MC162 with a C15 pre-amp. Not sure if I want to stay with Mcintosh (MR85) or go with something else. 800. 1400 dollar range.
I understand what Jvr means when he says some tuners sound like a radio - they are thin sounding as if you were listening to a jambox or old transistor radio - a good tuner will be full bodied in its presentation of the music just like listening to a CD player of high quality. I have a hard time liking a good many tuners for this very reason.
You don't have to pay 1600 for that MD100.. You can find them here on the gon for around 1100-1200 or an Etude for around 700-900. The MD100 has exactly the same specs as the Etude model. I did an A/B with a 2001 Etude model and the MD100 and couldn't distinguish any differences.
My vote is for a Vintage Sansui TU-517 or Tu-717.. i have the TU-517 and it has such sweet smooth warm sound. Pulls in Plenty of stations and is very high quality. the Sansui's are analog stereo tuners and can be found on ebay for around $200 or so.
Following along Haoleb's theme, unless a remote is a must for you, I suggest you go to the vintage tuner site listed above and do some research on some vintage tuners, finding one that appeals to you.

I owned the Fanfare FT-1A for over a year and thoroughly enjoyed it. A couple of months ago I did the research I mentioned above; in doing so you will come to learn that some of the best, if not the best, tuners were made in the past, much like cassette decks.

I purchased a Yamaha T-2 on eBay for $368 and it betters the Fanfare's performance at every level. As for features, the Fanfare has remote and presets but the Yamaha has other tuning features that the Fanfare lacks. The Fanfare has 4 gangs, the Yamaha 7!

I also have a Sansui TU-717 mentioned above and agree that this performs quite well also. I haven't spent a lot of time with it, but the time I did, if pressed, I would put the Sansui's performance above the Fanfare as well, without doubt for pulling in stations.

I have no experience with the MD's, but before buying the Fanfare I was comparing the MD's, everything I read placed their performance on par with the Fanfare; I chose the Fanfare because these reports said the performance was the same but the Fanfare came with remote and presets to boot.

FWIW, a bit to my surprise, I have not missed the remote or presets. If I was using it as the person states above, while sitting and reading and wanted to channel hop, then it may be more important, but I can spin the dial and be to a station very quickly.

Understand, I was very happy with the Fanfare, you can search past comments made by me.