What are some good things to do when going to an audition

Trying to get some more ideas on some rules to follow when partaking in an audition.  Here are some of the initial thoughts on this:

  1. Don't Touch the equipment without permission
  2. Don't set your drink on equipment
  3. Be honest about your intentions of engaging in the audition.
  4. Its a good practice to bring a few CDs so you can listen to what you like.

Am I missing any?  



What's the protocol when asking for a dealer's best price? I always operated assuming the price tag is the price I pay. No wheelin and dealin except for autos of course. I feel doing so is insulting. What's the appropriate ask? 10% off? 20%? Higher? Thanks.

The few times a year I get stoned every damn thing sounds amazing! I would be duped real quick. Haha

@tee_dee ,

20% is not out of the ballpark at all and even more sometimes. I would start with something like 30% and get down to an agreement from there. Why would audio equipment be different from buying a car, house or anything else? They don’t think it’s rude happens everyday for them. They want to make the sale. It’s all a game.  They want to get the most for what they are selling and you want the most for your buck. I buy expensive things for a living so maybe I’m jaded.