What are some good things to do when going to an audition

Trying to get some more ideas on some rules to follow when partaking in an audition.  Here are some of the initial thoughts on this:

  1. Don't Touch the equipment without permission
  2. Don't set your drink on equipment
  3. Be honest about your intentions of engaging in the audition.
  4. Its a good practice to bring a few CDs so you can listen to what you like.

Am I missing any?  


Demonstrations at a HiFi Store are limited to the equipment of interest in a certain Price Bracket.

It is best to bring a owned item along wanting to be exchanged if this is practical and acceptable.

Demonstrations of equipment are not only limited to a Dealership Premises. 

Sharing musical encounters with likeminded friends who are creating a HiFi System works, Being a Forum Member and using arranged events, as well as being a Local HiFi Club member has created many friendships and has got me access to numerous demonstrations of a variety of equipment, with no need to appear as interested customer. 

Some of the equipment I use today and am totally wed to, are a result of meeting like-minded friends, meeting individuals presenting their equipment at a Forum Event or the Membership/Interaction with the HiFi Club.  

This is not something I can agree with.

I said: Don't audition anything you are not willing to purchase.

Not the best choice of words, please allow me to re-phrase/explain: I meant price range.

With all due respect -- still disagree.

Listening to gear at all levels can benefit both customer (hears new things they can at least appreciate if not purchase right away) and store (gives customer an aspirational path, builds loyalty).

In most stores I have auditioned and purchased, the store rep auditioned better gear for me. Helped me, helped them.

Many hi-end audio videos in YT recorded by CP sound great ...

They can be a lot of fun and I sometimes enjoy them on my little computer speaker system. But YouTube sound on a real system is like listening to Spotify - it's lossy compressed audio. It can't "sound great" unless that's your thing.

@larryi  I like the idea of comparative listening (between old system and audition) using a near-field listening approach. I think it is a good way to take out a lot of the room and is now one of many tools I will use if I ever need to audition again.

I think there is a bit of a sliding curve on what to expect out of a dealer that relates to the gear you're looking at. I'd not expect the 'white glove' treatment for inexpensive items when compared to real high-end auditions of good gear.

Same thing goes for pricing. The less expensive the gear the less to work with so I'd not expect 25% off $2000 speakers. But, some gear, as great as it is, is very expensive. There appears to be a more room to 'adjust' at $25k, etc, and up.