What are some good tube amps that rock? KT88's?

Hi there, I am currently using an all older CJ SS setup. I fell I need a tube amp to get rid of the grit in my system. I thought upgrading my DAC would do it but it remains.

Its really important to me to be able to play loud, I have been told I would do best with a KT88/6550 based amp. I owned a CJ Premier 11A and loved (Sold it due to budget back in the day). I listen to everything but I play rap,reggae, and rock mostly when I play loud. Im going to be crossing over my speakers at around 60-80HZ

My speakers are B&W Matrix 804's which want a decent amount of current despite their small appearance.

Tanks a million
Oh does anyone have any experience putting KT88's in either a CJ Premier 11A or Premier 1?

Thanks again
B&W's are typically better with ss amps. I'm surprised your having problems with "grit" with your system. While a tube pre doesn't typically inflect a tube sound as much as tube amp, and while you have a fine ss pre, if you want to add tubes, I suspect for total system synergy, you might be better off with a tube pre rather than a tube amp. A
c-j tube pre might be a good candidate.
B&W Matrix is just as tough load as Thiel and totally unfriendly to tubes even if you're crossing over to your sub. The only tube amp comes into mind that is stable down to 2Ohms is VTL MB125,225 etc.