What are some high impedance cartridges?

I have a SUT that's for high impedance cartridges like the Denon DL103. What are some really good cartridges that are also high impedance?


EMT series and ANA Mighty versions of EMT TSD series. I believe Charisma carts may be a bit higher than average, but that is going on memory. EMT for sure. 

No SUT is really “for” a high impedance cartridge, except insofar as high impedance cartridges work best with lower step-up or turns ratios, like 1:10 or less or whatever results in a satisfactory impedance match while also adding enough voltage gain to drive the phono stage. At least that is how I see it.

I know that Auditorium 23 SUTs are specifically made for either low impedance cartridges (Ortofon or instance) or high impedance (Denon).

Benz LPS is 38 ohms due to using a non-magnetic generator core. 

I'd be more inclined to switch SUT and look for low impedance carts ;)