what are some of best tonearms you own or experience with.

i have Triplaner universal and is very good.   want a 2nd thothinking of Kuzma 4-point 14 inch.???what others?
Another open-ended question, because one ought at least to reference the cartridge by type and compliance that you intend to use with it.
Of tonearms I own, Triplanar, Reed 2A with Red Cedar wand, and FR64S are the "best". Whoopee.
I am simple so i really like the rega rb900 or rb600 tonearms i have never had one that did not sound wonderful.
Victor 7045 and 7082
Sony PUA-7
Fidelity-Research FR-64fx
Luxman TA-1
Getting Technics EPA-100 from Russian time traveler this year.
Dear @ml89009 : best tonearms? not an easy question with out its cartridges couple.

In the other side could be good first than all to define the characteristics that and " ideal " tonearm must has to at least have a reference against we are comparing to.

I for example we ask to thiose audiophiles that already posted : why the Basis Vector or the Victor 7045 are the best could be interesting their responses about.

 Only an opinion, have fun.

Regards and enjoy the MUSIC NOT DISTORTIONS,