What are some of your favorite "COLD" songs?

I recently found a cryotherapy facility that has the option of listening to music during the 3 minute session; plus, it's the middle of winter so the subject seems timely.

For those of you not familiar with cryotherapy, picture yourself standing in a phone booth and wearing only your boxers, gloves, socks and a knit hat; and, most importantly, the temperature is 175 degrees BELOW zero. Trust me, having good music to listen to is a very needed a welcome distraction!

So far, my song choices have been:

Crack The Sky - "Ice"

John Hiatt - "Icy Blue Heart

Pousette - Dart Band - "Woman in My Dreams"

Joni Mitchell - "Cold Blue Steel and Sweet Fire"

Stephen Stills - "Cold, Cold World"

I'm currently stuck on these five and I could use a few suggestions. Thanks in advance, Mitch.